After almost thirty years, this small shed still stands – the barn that started it all, built by hand by the company’s founder when he was fifteen. He used scavenged wood and one very old window, and he knew right away that he could do better. Today our company builds custom homes that knock the socks off most others with far better materials and building processes. We build a full range of commercial and residential structures, including cottages, cabins and tiny homes, while, true to our origins, another division of the company does a thriving business in barns and sheds.


Imagine all of the essential design options at your fingertips (1.) floorplan examples to inspire you, or which are adaptable to your preferences; (2.) personal, from scratch designs; (3.) or work with your architect. Let us help you from early in the process, when it is easiest and best to make design changes. We can guide you with ideas other homeowners or business owners have found most useful and with information about most feasible, efficient choices.


When stick building arrived on the scene in the 1800s, it was highly controversial. Now its turn has come to be replaced. Panelization offers compelling advantages. It uses lumber more efficiently, generating far less waste and conserving natural resources. Panelization lets you control construction with greater precision, resulting in stronger, straighter, tighter walls. A third, very important advantage is quicker construction at the site, less exposure to the elements and a cleaner site.


Green building methods are deeply embedded in our company culture, and we will be happy to give you a tour of our standard green processes and discuss additional options, like solar panels and thermal collectors. We are also pleased to guide you to information about long-term electric savings, tax credits, rebates and other incentives, including increased home values. And because we use wood, one of the planet’s most precious renewable resources, we make sure the renewal happens by contributing thousands of trees to our own reforesting effort.


When the 2010 earthquake left Haitians homeless, the nonprofit Haitian Relief organization set about to supply emergency housing. JDM worked with several companies and individuals contributing materials, barns or shipping to build a “village” for people whose housing alternatives might otherwise have been plastic sheeting or a cardboard box.


You will never be treated unfairly or unkindly here.

Our purpose is to reflect the Hand of God in the quality and integrity of our work, to be His steward in our use of the Earth’s resources, and to witness for Him in the fairness, honesty and humility of our daily interactions with others.

Our vision is to use new, efficient, green building methods and materials to provide well-designed, well-constructed homes, commercial buildings and accessory buildings that solve problems for people and improve their living conditions.

Our mission is to treat everyone with respect, never bragging or exaggerating, helping buyers make the best choice for their family or business, being fair and honest in every transaction, delivering on time, and exceeding expectations whenever possible.

We believe in working as a team, encouraging innovation and listening to each other as mutually respected and trusted professionals. We want to approach every day with a joyous and grateful heart, knowing that whenever anyone arrives or inquires, it is an opportunity to serve.