After almost thirty years, this small shed still stands – the barn that started it all, built by hand by the company’s founder when he was fifteen. He used scavenged wood and one very old window, and he knew right away that he could do better. Today our company builds custom homes that knock the socks off most others with far better materials and building processes. We build a full range of commercial and residential structures, including cottages, cabins and tiny homes, while, true to our origins, another division of the company does a thriving business in barns and sheds.


Our most popular residential option is our custom homes, where if you can dream it, we can build it. Imagine an entirely new house, with the higher living standard and many years of freedom from maintenance it offers. Then, choose from hundreds of adaptable plans or design it from scratch with the help of our professional architectural designers. We give you all of the immense potential of a custom home while making the process so much easier, faster and more predictable.


Modular homes are hitting their stride and bringing new levels of quality, flexibility, and affordability to potential home buyers. They are designed from the ground up to fit your family and your lifestyle. With JDM’s extended history of expert craftsmanship, we have the expertise and know-how to deliver the significant advantages of modular construction for your home building project. Our goal is to build you a place that you can call home for many years to come.


The three A-frames cottage plans we offer are perfect for everything from a lake home, to a starter home, to a scenic rental in the woods. Between adding options, like a roofed porch or full dormers, and having the ability for true customization, the sky’s the limit for your A-frame cottage! Expert building advisors listen to your ideas, walk you through the possibilities, and estimate costs.


At JDM, we truly do it all. If you need any commercial space, including multifamily student housing, custom offices, and tourism/resort venues, we have lots to offer. Your commercial space can benefit from our innovative designs, efficient, earth-friendly building methods, and the cost control you have at every stage of the building process.


You will never be treated unfairly or unkindly here.

Our purpose is to reflect the Hand of God in the quality and integrity of our work, to be His steward in our use of the Earth’s resources, and to witness for Him in the fairness, honesty and humility of our daily interactions with others.

Our vision is to use new, efficient, green building methods and materials to provide well-designed, well-constructed homes, commercial buildings and accessory buildings that solve problems for people and improve their living conditions.

Our mission is to treat everyone with respect, never bragging or exaggerating, helping buyers make the best choice for their family or business, being fair and honest in every transaction, delivering on time, and exceeding expectations whenever possible.

We believe in working as a team, encouraging innovation and listening to each other as mutually respected and trusted professionals. We want to approach every day with a joyous and grateful heart, knowing that whenever anyone arrives or inquires, it is an opportunity to serve.