The Home Building Process with JDM

Quality is a Part of Every Stage

When choosing a builder to create your next home, knowing that you have a partner that cares about the best decisions every step of the way is the most important starting point. JDM Structures is a family-owned business dedicated to building high quality homes, garages, barns and other structures.

JDM is your guide through the process

Whether you are building a dream home or a vacation getaway, building a house requires making smart decisions throughout the process. We are here at each step to help make the final outcome one that matches your expectations.

Custom Building Check Points

After we establish a starting point in the first meeting, we will draft a design agreement and review it with you.

Following the second draft of the plans, we have a quick conversation regarding the approximate cost of the build. In this meeting, we will discuss next steps and, if needed, how to modify the plans to stay within your budget.

After we update your plans and have a layout and design that meets your needs, we discuss the products and finishes that will be used on the interior and exterior of your home. This leads our estimating team to develop your final quote.

Our estimating team does a full quote based on decisions made in previous discussions. The estimate is put in writing on a multi-page quote that details selections, inclusions and exclusions.

After you approve the quote, a contract is drafted. A meeting is then scheduled to sign the contract, confirm exterior material and colors, finalize doors and windows and make hardware selections. The items are ordered in the days following the signed contract.

We recommend choosing a bank from our pre-approved list, where we have a proven track record and are recognized as approved builders. Our successful collaborations with these institutions ensure smooth and seamless transactions.

Reach out to your insurance agent to secure the necessary insurance for the project. JDM will carry liability and workers compensation insurance for the duration of the contract. You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining general liability, casualty and property insurance. This needs to cover the entire residence and materials delivered to the job site during construction, ensuring full coverage for the cost of replacements.

Secure and cover the costs for the required approvals, zoning permits, easements and/or variances necessary for the construction of your residence. This includes approvals from entities such as neighborhood associations, architectural review boards, local building ordinances, local code amendments, storm weather/soil erosion permits, and curb cut permits. JDM will provide assistance as outlined in your contract.

The Project Manager will meet you onsite to discuss where your house will be placed and stake it off for the foundation crews. From this point forward, they will be directing the job and all communications will go through them.

Start a conversation

It all begins with your dream for a new home! Reach out and let us know when you are ready to begin talking about the possibilities.